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Frequently Asked Questions
What services do you offer?
You can check the page Our Services for information.
Can you tell me more about TÜRK EXPORT?
You can check the page Who Are We? as well as Our Trade Activities and Contact Us if you have more questions.
What are your financial and trade strategies?
We aim to grow together with our member and clients while keeping the efficiency at its optimum level by following traditional as well as innovative models. We desire to be the leader exporter with the largest volume in Turkey.
Can you supply any product made in Turkey?
Yes, as long as the product is legal and available in Turkey.
Can you export any product made in Turkey?
Yes, as long as the product's exportation complies to the legal exportation regime of Turkey.
Can you arrange the transportation?
Yes. We can manage all the process and procedures of the logistics, customs and documentation.
Can you help me to hire services from Turkey?
Yes, as long as is not illegal.
How can I get quotation from you?
You can Contact Us by using the contact form on our Contact Page.

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